For many years, I have met people, as clients, friends and family members who have felt tired, unwell, drained, wanting improved and healthier lives. I often feel their worries and have empathised with their desires to improve their health and well-being.

This is one of the main reasons why I became a nutritionist, I wanted to help people like you or your loved ones and share my knowledge using food and supplements to support the wellbeing of others. You may wonder what a nutritionist does and how they can help, here are some of the ways we can help and support you…. If you are suffering from any health problems, a big factor is all down to your food choices. The right nutrition will put you onto the path of wellness.

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Balancing what we eat supports our health

Having good food with healthy benefits is all about balance. Food combining, mixing foods to make the complete protein foods that are cooked the right way are healing to the body.

All food groupings must be eaten in balance with the right kind of oils which help build your immune system and help fight against ailments.

Support nutrition with physical exercise

Good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. doing exercise is very important to help with digestion within the body. From taking a brisk walk, yoga, swimming to housework, all contribute to physical activity.

Support your emotional wellbeing

Our wellbeing is all about the mind, body and soul. By having a positive attitude about things is just as important as working on the physical body. By adding activities such as yoga, meditation and the right kinds of exercise for your body all form an important part of holistic nutrition.

Consume the best foods you can find

The best foods to consume are those which are locally grown, they do not have to always be organic and can be where you can find them

There are some quick wins you can achieve today.

By taking simple steps, you can help support your body and overall health. Here are some tips:

  • Add more fruits and vegetables and raw and lightly cooked foods will provide the best form of nutrition contained within the foods
  • Add health fats such as olive oil, flax, chia, avocado and oily fish
  • Eat until you are just about food, try not to overeat and eat things in moderation
  • Cut down on sugars, trans fats, shop-bought cakes and pastries

Invest in yourself and meet with a nutritionist

The approach to nutrition is not a one fits all. As you are unique so will be the nutritional requirements of your body. Your lifestyle, current habits all impact how a nutritionist will work with you.

A nutritionist will review your health history and recommend foods and healthy choices to suit you and your lifestyle.