Mindfulness is one of the most powerful, effective and beneficial things we can do for ourselves.

Scientifically proven to help with stress and depression, the brain can change and be re-wired to work differently. Studies show that the grey matter in the brain can grow and that the stress area of the brain can reduce.

After thousands of years, science and spirituality have come together and the results are profound. Today, many successful people talk about meditation, whether it is to help them handle huge responsibilities to dealing with challenges, they turn to meditation and mindfulness.

Monica is our in-house meditation teacher – having studied with davidji, she takes her intrinsic passion of spirituality and combined this with her learning with experts in the field. Mindfulness based stress release (MBSR) is a movement lead by Jon Kabat-Zinn and the University of Massachusetts and Monica has studied with them.

We run sessions for individuals, small groups and corporate organisations.

You can be mindful in everything you do. Meditation isn’t just done whilst sitting in lotus position in a strict setting – we run sessions in various places – an office, a small room to the park.

The benefits of mindfulness can only be experienced and when practiced regularly, only then will you know what it means. Find out more about our classes by getting in touch with us to.

Some of the meditation we do

  • Breath-work – your breath is always there, we just never connect to it. Through breath work meditation, we connect with you breathing and this can be powerful
  • Mantra – creating single pointed focus, a mantra meditation allows the mind to pay attention to one sound, work or phrase, this creates concentration and focus
  • Chakra balancing – chakras are known as energy centers and are represented through colour, sound, meaning and more. When our bodies are out of balance, we can use this meditation to bring a sense of renewal
  • Body scanning – until we become quiet and aware, we will not know that our body has many sensations and feelings. When we do a body scan meditation, we get in touch with these sensations and notice them
  • Visualization – a powerful way in which to set intentions and manifestations about our desires and more.