I have been there

I have seen and experienced health challenges and went on a journey to find the solutions and answers to help myself. When I had some health concerns, I searched for answers and turned to the alternative and complimentary methods and learnt so much about food, lifestyle and mindset. This inspired me to change my career and by embarking on a path to become a holistic nutritionist, I can share my learnings, experiences and work with you. I am a mother of four and have been running a business with my husband for over 30 years, I appreciate the time and demands which people face.


I will get to know you and understand your needs and desires

I spend time talking with you, gaining as much information as possible to build a profile of your being – mind, body and soul. I will tailor the recommendations and protocols to meet your needs and to suit your environment and lifestyle. If you work long hours and cannot cook, then I will suggest ways in which you can become more efficient.

I will monitor and track your progress

Through ongoing consultations and interactions whether on the phone or face to face, we will remain in touch and track your health status and make any changes as required.

I combine my training with my experience to share knowledge and insight

As we all have a set amount of time within which to utilise and manage, I can offers suggestions to save you time by sharing my knowledge and experience. I always suggest the first session happens face to face, after that, we can meet on the phone or via Skype to save you time to travel.

I offer you tools and methods to implement for long term solutions

At times, a health approach can be seen as a quick fix. By working with me, we will find ways and solutions which can be implemented and become lifestyle changes which you continue to follow after our work together is complete.