Nutritionist Advice

How can holistic nutrition support your well-being

If you are suffering from any health problems, a contributing factor is down to food choices. The right nutrition can support you and put you onto the path of wellness.

Research and studies show that when consuming the right foods, full of great nutrients, at the right times of the day, our health can really grow and improve.

At Bloom Wellness Centre, we use our skills and experience to support your well-being through tailored nutrition programs to meet your health needs and goals.

Supporting this with a lifestyle which is positive, healthy and enjoyable, you can have a thriving, healthy and happy life.


A nutritionist can help you make the right food choices to improve your wellbeing and health


A confidential, private and safe environment is created to share concerns and life issues with a counsellor or life coach


Supporting your physical health to support your wellbeing, raise your endorphin levels and happy hormones through yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi


Mindfulness and meditation to allow your mind to settle, gain a sense of calm and deal with busy lifestyles


Hello, my name is Sujata.


  • Sujata is a mother of 4 and has been running businesses with her husband for many years
  • Over the most recent years, her passion for alternative and complimentary therapies has resulted in her studying to become a holistic nutritionist.
  • She has a Diploma in Nutrition and is a member of International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)
  • Sujata believes that everything in the kitchen and what comes from mother earth can help people improve their health and sense of well-being
  • This passion comes from an interest instilled by her grandfather and mother
  • She offers holistic nutrition consultation sessions from her practice, Skype or through home visits




Consulting services will take place


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